Collaboration with artist Kazu Nakagawa

Artist Kazu Nagakawa invited Tree Essence to help him realise his vision for a sculpture in this year’s Headland Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition.

Taking the role of playwright, Nakagawa has cast two curators to direct white- and black- themed shows respectively. These curators have, in turn, appointed artists/designers to create garments to be worn on the catwalk. Viewers are invited to take a role in this play as actors and performers on the catwalk, or in the audience. A Play ‘CATWALK’ is the continuation of Nakagawa’s fashion-oriented transient artworks, which appear under the brand [un]dress.

“When we view artworks or scenery, we often tend not to recognise our own involvement. This work attempts to reverse this common circumstance, turning seeing into being seen, and turning the art object into an art process. It was only possible to do so by making a Play ‘CATWALK’: having many roles played by many participants at many stages from beginning to end”

Re our contribution to this project I would best describe it as a temporary functional space that ties together with Kazu’s original idea. The project has allowed me to visualise future creations at sustainable and minimal costs.


Headland Sculpture on the Gulf Pavilion
Headland Sculpture on the Gulf Pavilion