Up-cycled Surfdale kitchen

We were approached by this client to create something special on a small budget.  Options were discussed and it was decided to include  furniture and joinery held in storage under the house.

A  functional and good looking kitchen was designed and produced.  The storage items that were chosen for the project consisted of the following:  Pantry – the pantry was constructed using an old toilet door, the obscure glass was removed and replaced with open louvers; Oven – the oven unit was an old desk gifted to the client in previous employment; Kitchen sink unit – this unit was new and included a louver door that was revamped to fit;  Storage cupboard – an old gun case treasure was tidied up and shelves were added to create a unique storage cupboard.

All other units were kept simple to complement the recycled pieces.  They were finished using Porters milk white paint and a polar Infinity benchtop finished the overall look.  The client was extremely happy with the finished project.

Up-cycled toilet door
Remodeled old desk